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    Adjustable wooden table MSV-1M

    Item code: MSV - 1M
    Adjustable height table is produced from natural hardwood (ash or birch).  Table distinguishes by stability, resistance for scratches, easily cleanable. Feet of table - round, with adjustment mechanism. Adjustable table distinguishes by unique adjustment mechanism. Our engineers have created long-life mechanism, thanks to

    which, feet of adjustable wooden table remain stable and long-life and hold off riotous children’s games. 
    Height of table is possible to choose according to child’s height from the table below, however it is a possibility to produce tables according to different height standarts.

    Height of child, cm Range of chair height adjustment  (with seat), cm Range of table height adjustment, cm
    80-105 20-26 34-46
    100-150 28-36 42-60
    90-150 24-36 42-60