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    Adjustable chair MVK - 1

    Item code: MVK - 1
    Adjustable children chair will excellently match for Your child, growing like a weed. While height of child is changing, adjustable wooden chair shall enable You to change height of chair according to child’s physical demand.
    Adjustable children chair is produced from natural hardwood (ash, birch).  Chair is covered by water-based varnish, which is not toxic and not harmful for Your child. Chair’s back is universal therefore by changing height of chair, child’s back will always be leant conveniently.
    Adjustable chair distinguishes by unique adjustment mechanism. Our engineers have created a long-life mechanism, thanks to which adjustable wooden feet of chair remain stable and long-life.
    Children chair is stable and corresponding to height standards of the Republic of Lithuania, however it is possibility to produce chairs according to different height standarts.
    Please, select range of chair height adjustment according to height of child from the table:
    Height of child, cm Range of chair height adjustment  (with seat), cm Range of table height adjustment, cm
    80-105 20-26 34-46
    100-150 28-36 42-60
    90-150 24-36 42-60